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What is a transcript verification order?
A transcript verification order is the electronic equivalent of getting your documents stamped and signed as certified true copies. You would need a transcript verification order if you have original academic records, transcripts and/or certificates that cannot be reissued; and needs to be verified as true copies by an institution.
What is a transcript request order?
A transcript request order is used when an institution is able to issue and print updated/final transcripts whenever necessary.
What is a transcript forwarding order?
A transcript forwarding order allows you to electronically send verified and/or issued transcripts from your Docket student account to receiving institutions. This process is entirely paperless and does not require the use of postal/express mail!
How do I create an order?
First, sign up for a Docket account. You will need to complete your profile before you can access your student dashboard. You can then proceed to submit a new request or view existing ones by clicking “Requests.”
I can't find my institution. What should I do?
When creating a transcript verification/request order, check “Institution Not Found” and manually type in the institution’s name, state and country.
It shows that my order is "Pending" – what does this mean?
A “Pending” order means that we are in the process of getting an institution to verify, issue or accept your documents via Docket.
How quick does it take for Docket to process an order?
Docket aims to process all orders within 3-5 business days.
Can I cancel an order?
You are free to cancel any orders or delete any documents in your account at any time. Cancelled orders are non-refundable; and deleted documents cannot be restored. If you have made a mistake, please contact us at
Why was my order rejected?
It is most likely due to the scan quality of uploaded documents. If a verifying, issuing or receiving institution has rejected your order, they will include a remark explaining the reason(s) for rejection. Please note that a rejection on Docket does NOT mean that you have been denied admission from the institutions that you have applied/are applying to.


How do I know what to upload?
All institutions have their own specific requirements for admission purposes. We recommend that you obtain this information from the institutions’ websites. However, you may also choose to follow our upload guides detailing documents that are usually required based on applicant type and education background.
What is an acceptable file format and the maximum file size allowed?
The system accepts PDFs up to a maximum file size of 10MB each.
Do I have to scan in color?
No, you do not have to upload color scans. However, please try your best to ensure that all documents are clear and legible.
What is the maximum number of files I can upload?
At the moment, there is no limit on the number of files you can upload; but we do recommend that you only submit documents that are really required by the institutions.


I selected the wrong institution for a transcript verification / transcript request order. How can I change this?
Please contact us at
I uploaded the wrong document(s). What should I do?
We encourage you to check carefully before submitting an order. If an honest mistake has been made, we will allow for you to replace or add documents if your order has not been processed. Please contact us at
Can I change the receiving institution after I have submitted a transcript forwading request?
Please send us an email at Requests will be reviewed and approved at the discretion of Docket.


How do I purchase credits to place orders?
For the time being, all services on Docket are free of charge. To obtain credits, please click “Request for Credits” under the “Credits” tab.


I have transcripts and/or documents from more than one institution. Who should verify my documents?
In general, academic documents are considered official as long as they have been verified by a licensed/accredited institution. In such cases, your most recent/current institution will verify all transcripts, regardless of whether or not they are the issuing institution. However, if your institution refuses to verify transcripts other than their own, you will need to return to the other issuing institution(s) to obtain verification. Note that this is rare. If your institution needs clarification, please have them contact for more information.
Are transcripts and other documents sent via Docket considered official?
If you are able to choose your intended receiving institution, it means that they have already agreed to at least accept documents sent via Docket as official for a specific purpose (i.e. admission).
How quickly will I know if a receiving institution has received my transcripts and/or documents?
Right away! The status of your orders will be updated in real-time. This means that, as soon as your transcripts and/or documents are downloaded by a receiving institution, your order status will be changed to “Delivered.”

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